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From: Steve Oh
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2011 6:28 PM
To: 'Steve Khong'
Subject: RE:

The BelumEcoResort is a hidden jewel.

In December 2010 I had the pleasure of visiting the place and quickly grew to love the little 8-acre island lying idyllically in a
vast man-made lake situated about 2-hour's drive from Ipoh.

I stayed one night and plan to return and spend more time in the resort with my host Steve Khong, a true adventurer and
lover of the rainforests.

There is so much to see and explore at the Belum Forest Reserve and Lake Temenggor region. I had a foretaste of the excitement the place offers when I followed after an elephant as it crashed its way through the nearby rainforest, leaving behind a trail of broken bamboo and tree branches.

And to think that all of the hornbills found in Malaysia are located in the Belum Rainforest Reserve makes me feel awe for the place. While the resort itself is a small island the surrounding hills and jungles offer immense opportunities for exploration and discovery, not to mention the presence of Orang Asli in a nearby village, accessible only by boat.

The sight of serene and pure water that greets you in the morning is something to remember. It was reminiscent of my stay at Halong Bay - the serenity and stillness of the morning's calm waters, but the fresh water was much more cleaner at Belum.

And seeing the characteristic mists that clung to the hilltops, that wafted above the tree canopies reminded me of scenes
I had described in my novel.

It was my first houseboat experience and sipping a cup of green tea in the dining area with a billion dollar view of the lake and surrounding rainforest trees is something that will stay indelibly in my memory.The experience has to be felt to be fully appreciated.

Words can't do justice to experience and I have only touched the tip of the resort's iceberg of exhilarating experiences that still await my return.

Yes, of course, I should not forget to mention seeing the elusive Rafflesia flower there too and now I needn't have to go to Sabah for that purpose.

The Belum Eco Rainforest Resort run by Steve Khong is a must for every nature lover and I dare say no trip to the rainforests is complete without a trip to the resort.

Steve Oh

Steve Oh is the author of Tiger King of the Golden Jungle and composer of the Tiger Musical.

From: Pamela Storck
Date: Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 8:17 AM
Subject: RE: How Was Your Belum Eco Resort experience?

Hi Amirul,

currently still very busy with guests from Europe and travelling around Malaysia. Will try to get something to you asap.

Summarising, we had a great time and some good laughs with Steve and his crew!

The rainforest walk with pouring rain was also an experience in itself as well as running away from the elephants on our way to the rafflesia.

I am working for the Association of British Women in Malaysia and was planning to write a travel article about Belum Eco Resort as it is unbelievable that this place is still so relatively unknown.


Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 10:44:34 PM
Subject: Thank You
Dear Miyuki & Steve Khong

Thank you very much to accommodate for my last minute holiday trip booking arrangement. Even though the trip is short but my family & I really enjoy the wonderful environment and most of all the best was at the waterfall, of all the waterfalls i've been too, this was the best ever. The trek to the tower top, wow !! the scenery was wonderful.

Thank you so much to Steve, Tom & all the staffs who gave their best services, especially to cater for my vegetarian food. Appreciate it very much. I am grateful that the cook able to cook vegetarian food for me. You all done a great job & with great effort to make the eco-resort such a beautiful environment. I just love this natural environment.
Please do keep it up. Hope if you do not mind :

Suggestion for improvements :
1. Room cleanliness, bed sheet & pillow case only get ready same day earlier before customer check in or one day before.

2. Check the shower heater whether is working.

The rest no complaint. Food is good & the BEST is Mr. Steve Khong gave us a WELCOME greeting when we arrived at the eco-resort & to shared with my family your duckling family history. Thank you for the 4 kampung eggs , it tasted good.

Thank you for your great hospitality and make us feel at home, appreciate it very much.

I will never forget this wonderful trip and hope to come back again perhaps next time to stay on the new house boat.

Attached photos taken on 21st Sept :
1. Family photo - from left to right : Christopher, CS Teoh, William, SK Seah, Joseph & Steve Khong.
2. Beautiful rainbows appeared nearby the resort

Cheers !!
Madam Seah

Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 2:57:31 PM
Subject: Thank You

Dear Steven / Tom,

Thank you both for your kind hospitality along with your team of staff who made our recent weekend a good one. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves very much. You have a great place, good food and most importantly gracious and very accommodating hosts and team of staff who made it all happen.

It will be a place we will definitely go back to and hope that your new Boathouse will able to float around which would be awesome!!

A big thank you to all of you for making our holiday a good one. Here are a couple of pics for you.

Joyce Koh
Office Manager
BIH Heaters Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Subject:  "Fantastic place"
From: Gielzz - Netherlands
Date: Sep 2, 2009
We - family with 2 young kids - stayed 2 nights at the Tasik Belum Discovery Island. In one sentence, we had a great time at a very quite private island with great views and a very warm welcome by Steve and his team.

After being picked up right on time near the bridge, it's about 15 min with the boat to the mini 'private' island. At the houseboats we met the owner Steve, a very nice Chinese gentleman, who can talk passionately about the area. We could choose were to stay, at an A frame or the house boat. We liked the A frames because they are beautiful situated between nature. And the hut's are small but clean and just very cozy. It felt like a tent in the jungle!

It's pretty hot so we jumped into the lake immediately, clear fresh water. Nice to cool off, only the trees sticking out all over make it a bit strange/tricky to swim. We didn't do all activities because it was hot and our two kids cannot walk to far, but the climb to the hill with the tower is very nice. About half an hour up, you do need good shoes, our sandals were not ideal. But the views are a good reward. We also visited the waterfalls the next day, a trip you should do. Alone in nature in the (very) cold water of the falls is a unique experience. Documentaries about the lake and environment are also very interesting.

The staff is very very friendly and we had a great time discussing with Steve about everything. Finally the food is fantastic!!

We think this is much much better than Tamara Negara! It's a hidden secret and we recommend it to everybody, although the risk is that this place attracts to much people...

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Date: Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 3:32 PM
Subject: Thank You, Belum Eco Resort
Dear Belum Eco Resort Management and crews,

Good day!

It was a wonderful trip for the whole family in Belum Eco Resort. We all enjoyed our stay there very much, the kids especially is the group who truely enjoyed the whole trip right from their first step into the boat from Jetty Awam, experiencing many "first time" activities such as canoeing, swimming in the "deep" lake water, "adventure" jungle trekking to see Rafflesia, adventure hike to the viewing tower, visiting orang asli village and experiencing orang asli blow pipe, fishing, and staying the unique boathouse. However, one thing that was unsatisfactory to them was to leave the Island and say good bye on the third day.....:-(

For the adults, apart from enjoying all the activities with the kids, it was a good time with the family members....as we could hardly has ample time spending time together due to the daily busy chores, it was a fun time chatting while enjoying the delicious food prepared by the crews in the lake front restorant.

Last but not least, we would like to say "Thank you" to Mr. Kam Kok for giving us such a "warm care" during our stay, this made us didn't feel left out at all. To the crew members...to Amirul for his assistance before our trip, and for those crews on the island, we really appreciate their helpful hands during our stay. The management should be proud of having such wonderful and friendly team!

I would surely recommend this place to my relatives and friends. Keep up the good job and we hope go to Belum Eco Resort again one day!

Best regards,
Joyce Lim

From: Nelson Chuah UBC
Date: Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 3:52 PM
Subject: RE: Thank You, Belum Eco Resort

Dear List,

Good day!

Joyce had expressed most of my opinions for the trip, we certainly will recommend friends and relatives who enjoy "exploring" the mother nature to visit Belum Eco Resort! I would like to echo what Joyce had mentioned below that the resort certainly has a great team who has most sense of customer service to ensure the customer satisfaction during their stay. I would like to thank a few of them who had specially assisted me during the hike to viewing tower by carrying my youngest daughter in part of the journeys as well as my 2nd elder son during the "hazardous" path nearby the peak of the tower. Not only that, when realized I am vegetarian taker, they are more than happy to prepare a separate vegetarian dishes for me, although it is a simple one but they were definitely delicious. All in all, I would like to give a thumb up to the team. Keep moving forward!

May all always be happy, peace, love, joy, healthy and abundance.

p/s: Thanks Amirul too for his kind and friendly assistance prior to our trip. Blessed be.

Best Regards,
Nelson Chuah

Subject: "Great Escape in the Jungle"
From: ufriend
Date: Mar 31, 2008
We booked a 3 night stay at the Tasik Belum Discovery Island Resort (www.Belum.com).

They had advertised accommodation on a fleet of houseboats on the lake in the middle of the jungle. As it happened, we stayed at small chalets, each of which just big enough for a double bed, no wardrobes. Each hut has an outdoor shower and sink and a small balcony overlooking the lake - see photographs for views!

There were separate toilets, but as we were the only guests at the time, this wasn't too big a problem.

The owner, Steve, took us on various trips into the jungle to see wild flowers, elephant tracks (no animals though!) and visits to some natives' villages nearby (Asli) which were quite ok as Steve knew the elders and went there just to have a chat.

We were looked after very well, given some good home-cooking. Especially our two boys (aged 14 and 16) enjoyed themselves.
There is no electricity during the day, only in the evening through a generator. It really is in the middle of nowhere. A fantastic escape. If you're not too worried about mod cons, it's a great experience!

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wiki: ABOUT Belum-Temengor

Belum-Temengor is the largest continuous forest complex in Peninsular Malaysia. Specifically, it is located in the Malaysian state of Perak and crosses into Southern Thailand. Belum-Temengor is divided into two sections. Belum is located at up north right by the Malaysia-Thailand border while Temengor is south of Belum. The Royal Belum State Park is entirely contained within the forest complex.

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about belum eco resort

Belum Eco Resort or Tasik Temengor Discovery Island (TTDI) is one of hundred islands located in Tasik Belum, Perak. It is near to the world famous Royal Belum National Park. It offers a wide range of activities for everybody who wants to experience nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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