Quickfacts about Belum-Temengor Forest Reserve
The Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve (BTFR) is among the few remaining pockets of preserved rainforest in Peninsular Malaysia, other than Taman Negara, the BTFR which encompasses over 300,000 hectares is a tropical paradise and home to a vast population of animals and plants. Many of which is only uniquely found in this region.
The Magic of Belum
Belum when literally translated means 'Land before time' is situated in the State of Perak, at the border of Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand, the stunning landscape of Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve is a treasure throve for over 3,000 species of flowering plants, including 3 species of the World's Largest flower, the Rafflesia.

The 130 million year old rainforest complex houses hundreds of islands and is approximately 4 times the size of neighbours, Singapore.

Haven for Wildlife
The relatively untouched natural surrounding makes it the perfect home for large mammals such as tigers, tapirs, elephants, rhinoceroses etc. 14 of the World's Most threatened mammals, namely Malaysian Tiger, the White-handed Gibbon, Asiatic Elephant, Malaysian Sunbear, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Malayan Tapir still roam freely in this natural habitat.

The Royal Belum State Park spans over 134,167ha can be found with the BTFR complex. To gain entry to Royal Belum, visitors are required to seek approvals from the local authorities.

nature at its best
Belum-Temenggor is the largest continuous forest complex in Peninsular Malaysia. The Belum/Temengor Forest Reserve (BTFR) comprises the gazetted Royal Belum State Park and an open forest which features a variety of resorts among the hundreds of islands in BTFR.

The Belum-Temenggor Forest Complex (or the BTFC) forms the last and largest remaining contiguous block of natural forest in Peninsular Malaysia with a total area of about 300,000 ha, almost four times the size of Singapore.

These forests are approximately 130 million years old, older than the Amazon and the Congo rainforests, and subsequently much more complex in their biodiversity. More about BTFC at the MNS web site >>

The reserve has the largest concentration of the larger mammals such as Sumatran tigers, elephants, Malayan Tapirs, rhinos, a large variety of deer species, seladang etc., in Malaysia.

haven for hornbills
Belum-Temenggor is reputed to possess high levels of biodiversity, among the last remaining natural frontiers that supports a sizable population of large birds and hornbills. The reserve proudly boast of ten species of hornbills found in Malaysia.

Visit the Malaysian Nature Society site on Hornbills >>

Learn more about the different species of Hornbillls:


Royal Belum State Park
Source: Asia Explorers

Royal Belum State Park
Source: Perak Tourism

Breathtaking Belum
Source: Perak Tourism
Excerpts: "Our unforgettable adventure at Royal Belum National Park really began when we left the comforts of the Belum Rainforest Resort (also known as the gateway to Royal Belum) and cruised upon the Temenggor lake waters towards the Sungai Kejar camp where we were to spend the next two nights."



Royal Belum State Park
Source: Perak Tourism
Excerpts: "Towards the north and northwest of Tasik Temenggor lies a vast area of virgin jungle known as Royal Belum State Park. This pristine forest is excellent for trekking, bird watching and animal sighting."

Singor River
Source: Perak Tourism
Excerpts: "Located in the Temenggor Lake area, which is 35km from the town, this river with its churning waters and many waterfalls is only for the very adventurous and experienced rafters."

Temenggor Lake
Source: Perak Tourism
Excerpts: "Tasik Temenggor is the largest man-made lake in Perak. The lake has a rich source of freshwater fish like Kelah, Tenggalan and Baung, which although found here are extinct in other places."

Salt Licks and BumbunGs

Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve is probably one of the remaining places where you're still able to view animals roaming freely in their natural habitat.

There are two wildlife sighting huts called "bumbungs" stationed near the salt licks located on the north and south part of Sungai Papan. Salt licks in Royal Belum are natural salt deposits which animals regularly lick to get their much-needed mineral sustenance.

There are plenty of elephants, tapirs, deer, rhinoceros, wild boars, bears and an estimated 500 tigers wandering around the state park. The chances are very high that avid nature lovers will get a glimpse of them should you stay overnight at one of these bumbungs.

Aboriginal Life

Any visit to Royal Belum would not be complete without a stopover at the Orang Asli (aborigines) village. A visit to the Jahai group belonging to the Negrito tribe at Sungai Kejar is a must see.

These short, dark skinned and curly haired Asli's will welcome you with their heart warming ancient rhythmic beats played on the Sewang. A musical instrument made from bamboo shoots. The Jahai group continue live off nature through hunting, fishing and gathering jungle products as their main source of livelihood.