An Introduction
Belum Eco Resort is one of hundred islands located in Tasik Belum, Perak - located near the world famous Royal Belum National Park. Belum Eco Resort is the only island rainforest resort in the heart of nature with zero traffic air and noise pollution.
Located in Gerik and covering 15,200 hectares, Belum Lake is the largest man-made lake in Perak. The tranquil beauty surrounding the lake is complemented by the diversity of its flora and fauna.

Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve ( BTFR) is among the last remaining virgin forest in Malaysia where biodiversity is practically intact.

The pristine environment and intact eco system can be equated to Taman Negara 15 years back. It is probably the best kept secret waiting to be explored, especially for avid nature lovers.

Belum Eco Resort’s (BER) design evolves around green eco concept, till today BER continues to proudly practice 'Responsible Tourism'. An island resort, the 8 acre resort was born out of passion and respect for nature. The development of the resort was completely hand-built, without the use of any heavy machinery.

In recognition of it's effort to maintain the natural environment around Temenggor Lake, Belum Eco Resort was awarded the Perak Tourism Appreciation Award 2007 for "Enhancing Eco Tourism".

  • An Introduction to Belum Eco Resort
  • An Introduction to Belum Eco Resort
  • An Introduction to Belum Eco Resort
  • An Introduction to Belum Eco Resort
  • An Introduction to Belum Eco Resort
why visit belum-temengor forest reserve (BTFR)

BTFR has the largest concentration of the larger mammals such as tigers, elephants, tapirs, rhinos, a large variety of deer species, seladang etc., in Malaysia. It is the only forest on earth to have 10 species of hornbills.

Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve is also a treasure throve for over 3,000 species of flowering plants, including 3 species of the World's Largest flower, the Rafflesia. More Info here >>

This enchanting atmosphere is home of the 'orang asli' (local natives or aborigines) with their unique traditional lifestyle of totally depending upon the jungles and surrounding lake. BTFR still holds a rich Asli tribal diversity, heritage and culture for visitors to appreciate.

The lake has a rich variety of freshwater fish including Toman, Sebarau, Tenggalan, Baung and even the renowned Kelah. This makes Tasik Belum a very attractive and 'must go' fishing destination for beginners as well as die hard anglers to pit their skills.

Why Belum Eco Resort

Belum Eco Resort is an small island resort located at the heart of the Temenggor Lake, it is approximately a 20 minutes journey by boat from the Pulau Banding Public Jetty.

The resort provides packaged tours 3D2N to 4D3N stay for its guest, and guest have the option of staying on a house boat or one of its 12 'A' chalets built alongside the hillside on the island. The chalets blend harmoniously with the environment keeping in-line with its concept of being eco-friendly.

The packaged tour comes complete with activities across the day, and most guest will spend time on the island and also outbound into the surrounding areas in the Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve (BTFR). So be prepared for a full-day loaded with activities as we ensure our guest has a memorable adventure into the wilderness and appreciation of what Mother Nature has to offer.

We provide simple yet comfortable accommodations for our guest at our 'A' chalets and/or house boat, with in-room shower facilities with warm water, common toilets, ceiling fans etc. You will find the weather in Belum-Temenggor to rather pleasant given its natural surroundings. Meals and beverages are also bundled into the packaged tours. Full details of our packaged tours can be found on our Activities page.