Travellers Guide: From Kuala Lumpur to Belum
Your journey begins here. We have put together a simple guide to getting to Belum Eco Resort, whether you are travelling by chartered transportation, bus or self-drive.

Belum is situated approximately 300km from Kuala Lumpur, your journey will take you overland heading north via Kuala Kangsar (TR 1) and Grik (TR 76), and then onto the East-West Highway (TR 4) to Banding Island (on Temengor lake). There are clear signages that lead you towards Temengor Lake. Your journey by car should average around 5 hours.

step by step guide for travellers

Travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Belum Eco Resort (Google Map Link)


  1. Use the North-South Highway (PLUS Highway) and head towards Ipoh.
  2. Go past Ipoh towards Kuala Kangsar.
  3. Exit at the Kuala Kangsar interchange and follow the road sign towards Gerik.
  4. Go past Gerik, when you reach a round-about, take the turn towards Kota Bharu and Pulau Banding.
  5. You will reach a T-junction, turn right towards Kota Bharu.
  6. You will reach a bridge that crosses Temenggor Lake to Banding Island. Cross the first bridge.
  7. After passing by a Petronas petrol station, you will reach another bridge. DO NOT cross this bridge.
  8. There is a small road on the left just before the bridge, take that turn to Banding Island public jetty (Jeti Awam Pulau Banding).

Note: The Banding Island public jetty has an open public car park which charges around MYR5.00 per day.

wiki: ABOUT Belum-Temengor

Belum-Temengor is the largest continuous forest complex in Peninsular Malaysia. Specifically, it is located in the Malaysian state of Perak and crosses into Southern Thailand. Belum-Temengor is divided into two sections. Belum is located at up north right by the Malaysia-Thailand border while Temengor is south of Belum. The Royal Belum State Park is entirely contained within the forest complex.

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about belum eco resort

Belum Eco Resort or Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island (TTDI) is one of hundred islands located in Tasik Belum, Perak. It is near to the world famous Royal Belum National Park. It offers a wide range of activities for everybody who wants to experience nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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