Accommodations & Facilities at Belum Eco Resort
The concept behind the Belum Eco Resort (BER) is about truly getting back in touch with nature. Giving mother nature its due respect, Belum Eco Resort was hand-built without the use of any heavy equipment. That same practise is applied to the design and the way we run the resort, an appreciation of the natural environment, the habitat and respecting the eco-system of this age old rainforest.
Our little island resort
At BER we continually strive at maintaining the natural eco-system, the island resort houses 12 'A' type chalets, two dormitories and two boat houses. Alot of care has been put behind perserving the natural eco-system and ensuring the natural environment is maintained.

House Boat
We currently have one house boat in service, while the second one is being completed.

The house boat can accommodate up to 4 to 6 adults. It is largely used for those interested in fishing.

'A' type Chalets
"A" type chalets are eco design using local materials and brand in the environment without destroying any of the island eco-system. room of "A" chalets with two single or twin bed can accommodate a couple with a child.


While those without beds are equipped with tatami mattress for 3 adults, currently all "A" chalets are with built-in shower room only, 4-common toilets to share amount 12 "A" chalets.

Note: there is no air condition in all rooms, instead we provide ceiling fans, exhaust fan and hot water for all "A" chalets.


'A' Chalet built along the scenic foothills

View of the house boat and jetty an night

We currently have 2 dormitories which accomodate from 12 to 16 adults. They are perfect for larger families and groups.

The dormitories come with built-in toilet and showers, double decker beds, and tatami mattresses on the floor.

There is no air conditioning, however ceiling fans and hot water is provided.


Function Hall

Things you may need to know
Belum Eco Resort keeps in-line with its nature concept i.e. being eco-friendly, while we may not offer 4-star lodging we do however provide a cozy, basic and comfortable facilities.

The wilderness is all around you when you're at BER, bugs, insects and smaller wildlife is all part and parcel of the environment and it is something every visitor has to be wary about.

Here are some important considerations when visiting Belum Eco Resort:-

  • Mother Nature is unpredictable, one must be wary of the changing environment e.g. weather etc.
  • The environment and changing conditions may not be suitable for the elderly, young children and those with physical disabilities.
What's in packing list?
It is important you're well prepared when coming to BER, here are some things you may consider bringing for your trip:-
  • Insect Repellent
  • Towels, shampoo and tooth brush
  • A good and proper jogging or sports shoe
  • Proper attire
  • Knapsack or small bag (for day trips)
  • Swimming attire (should you plan to swim)
  • Torch light and water bottle
  • Essential personal consumables

For those planning to fish:

  • Equipped with your own fishing rod, gears and baits.
  • Fishing beyond 2 hours per day is considered hard core. Our rates apply.